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Copper Pyramid Questions: Are metal pyramids in any way harmful?

Copper is a wonderful, naturally-occurring metal that is perfect for meditation pyramids. For those in the business of designing and building meditation pyramids, it has always been the standard. It remains the best for good reason. If you have a general interest in why copper is the best material, then please read how copper pyramid effects. If, however, you are concerned because of the ideas propagated by David Wilcock, please read why the best meditation pyramid material is copper.

Copper Pyramid Questions: Why is there no capstone and is this a problem?

Holding to geometry and our image of a perfect pyramid, we might prefer our copper pyramid come to a precise point at the apex. Unfortunately, no pipe-based pyramid can naturally come to this point for the simple fact that we are dealing with pipes. You have likely observed that some pyramid designers fashion sheets of copper together with couplings to act as capstone. This, however, adds a significant amount of unnecessary metal and bottlenecks (impedes) the flow of energy. More on 1) how capstones are optional, and 2) what alternatives we've developed for capstones and copper pyramids.

Copper Pyramid Questions: Why is there no permanent copper pipe base?

Our copper pyramids are portable and collapsible. The base is made from coated, copper electrical wire. Many copper pyramid builders insist that the entire pyramid frame be made of copper pipes. I have built and meditated under both, and can state quite confidently that the difference in base does not lessen the effects energetically. For more information, consider this article on whole copper pipe pyramids versus collapsible models.

Copper Pyramid Questions: What does assembly require?

Assembly means lining up holes (using color codes on the pipes) and inserting screws. Both assembly models (once assembled) and non-assembly models are all-in-one, with no exterior parts (nothing to misplace). One of the advantages of an assembly model is that it can be taken apart and reassembled in the event of travel or moving to a different space. Here is an assembly guide that offers more information on our copper pyramid assembly kits.

Copper Pyramid Questions: Which is best for me, Giza or Nubian?

The difference between Giza and Nubian involves vibration and frequency. The different frequencies are a result of the slope of the pyramid. You can learn more about the energy generated by slopes in our article on pyramidal shape healing. In addition, for a quick guide to how Giza and Nubian pyramids affect our development differently, consider this article on pyramid meditation techniques.

Copper Pyramid Questions - Giza or Nubian
Copper Pyramid Questions - Giza or Nubian

Copper Pyramid Questions: What's the deal with 51.83 degrees?

51.83 degrees is the angle of slope of the sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza and is the angle and degree that we honor when we build Giza style meditation pyramids based on its dimensions. Read more about this critical angle as well as how and why it affects our energy centers in this article that explores copper pyramids and healing.

Copper Pyramid Questions: What size pyramid is best for me?

Keep in mind that the size of the pyramid does not change the power. A larger size simply allows for more room. You may want to try our walk-thru series that your pyramid needs with our available sizes before you buy a pyramid for meditation.

Copper Pyramid Questions: Pyramid size / names? (yoga, meditation, healing)

Except for the difference in slope (Nubian or Giza), all our copper pyramids are essentially the same. The qualities remain the same, regardless of size. The names have been associated with different sizes to suggest potential uses and nothing else. All pyramids are useful for meditation, yoga, stretching, self-healing, grounding– provided there is enough space for these activities.

Copper Pyramid Questions: Will my bed fit in the pyramid?

Many of our customers sleep under their pyramids. You will need to know bed size (King, Queen, Full or Twin) as well as bed height (from floor to bedding). Be sure to double-check the floor space that is needed for each size pyramid. Here is that page with more information on placing pyramids over beds.

Copper Pyramid Questions: How does the pyramid work to heal?

Similar to how crystals and gemstones work to heal us, the shape and frequency that emanates from a pyramid acts as a reminder (like a tuning fork) to those myriad of bodily structures that have a similar geometric pattern as their base. We experience these more perfectly sustained patterns and are both unconsciously and consciously compelled to align with them. This is how we heal and this is how we recognize the path to development. For more on this, consider our blog post on how pyramids work to heal us.

Copper Pyramid Questions: How will a pyramid help me in my meditation practice?

I’ve been meditating for over thirty years. It began as a way of relaxing but soon became a means to self-growth and has involved a series of awakenings. Like many, I have imagined that I might at some reach what one calls enlightenment. A copper pyramid can act as a guide for navigating these sensitive areas, particularly involving the crown chakra, as it simply energetically points the way home. For those who are just beginning, consider reading our article on meditating under pyramids.

Copper Pyramid Questions: Must I position my pyramid pointing north?

Within the meditation pyramid community, there are disagreements on how one should set up a pyramid. Some believe a meditation pyramid must be positioned to align with an energetic grid that exists electromagnetically on the earth. The idea is that this will increase the energy inside your pyramid. This subject is explored in detail in our article on meditation pyramid positioning.